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Let's get your business online. 

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Affordable. Functional. Secure. Wix Websites.
Built for Small and Micro-Businesses

Little Brick


Est. 2021
Harrisonburg, Virginia

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A practical choice for small businesses with clear and straightforward messaging. 



  • Streamlined and concise messaging

  • Includes Google Business Profile assistance

  • Free Website Hosting for non-profits


  • cannot add pages on menu at a later time.


This one-page website option offers the added benefit of free website hosting for 501c3's.

Services Overview




One Page Website

Presents all key information on one page and so ensures that essential information is easy for visitors to find. A professional website establishes trust for customers finding and/or learning about you through online searches and referrals.

Great fit for:  

Businesses with a clear, concise message who want to reach customers on the go with a professional desktop and mobile presentation.


Standard 5 Page Website

More space to present your products, services, team, portfolio, and other unique company information. Can appear more established to potential customers and is easy to add pages to as business grows.

Great fit for: 

Businesses who benefit by providing more detailed information to clients about their products and services. Additional add-on's include e-commerce, blogs, bookings, and more.


Canva & Wix Tutorials

Introductory and intermediate classes for individuals or groups wanting to learn more about some of my favorite online platforms: Canva and Wix!

Great fit for:

Anyone who learns best with a real person patiently (or quickly) walking them through the layout and features and who can help out in case they get “stuck”!


Do your customers have a particular question or hesitation that keeps coming up over and over? 

Clear communication on your website can help you and your employees shift away from repeated customer explanations and focus on other important business at hand.

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Are you a small business owner, entrepreneur, or nonprofit who wants to get your business online? 
Call to find out more about available options for your website and related needs.
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Is the Wix Website Platform right for Your Business?


  • No more monthly fees for updating security patches.

  • Offering 1 and 3 year plans


  • Basic eCommerce

  • Bookings & Events

  • Owners can easily update Staff, Menus, Store & more business content.


  • Dedicated platform-based teams protect and secure your information.

Supporting online presences for small & micro businesses.
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