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Helping you get your business online


is to make a Beautiful website that expresses your unique business position in the market and optimizes user traffic and conversions 

"Business Card"
Single Page Website

$ 599

Suitable for:

  • As an "online business card"

  • Contractors & small businesses offering straightforward services

  • Book Launches

  • Freelancers


1.    Single page website*
2.    Viewable on all devices
3.    Assistance with Copy & Text & General Editing
4.   Layouts incorporating your Colors & Branding 
5.   General Stock photos 
6.    Assistance with set up and domain transfer

7.    General Suggestions for Marketing Strategies

8.    Assistance setting up Google's Business Profile

*Please be aware that due to the configuration of this option, it will not be feasible to add pages to this type of site at a later point in time. 

Website Package:

from $ 2,000

Suitable for:

  • Businesses needing to communicate more information to potential customers

  • Blogs

  • eCommerce

  • Updating Staff or other unique information on a revolving basis.


1.    Design of an entire website up to five pages
2.    Mobile Friendly a.k.a. Viewable on all Devices
3.    Assistance with Copy & Text
4.   Set up of Blog or Online Store if requested
5.   Custom layouts incorporating your Branding 
6.    Basic SEO
7.    Stock photos* (*Depending on  availability)
8.    Backend business set-up (& entering up to 15 products) 
9.    Personalized Mini style guide
10.   Assistance with Website Compliance
11.    Assistance with set up and domain transfer
12.   General Editing and Final Revision

13.   Assistance setting up Google's Business Profile

14.   General Suggestions for Marketing Strategies

15.   Individual Training based on Client needs

Wix Website Support

$ 50 hr

For those who might just need help with certain Wix strategies. I often recommend you call Wix support first (you can reach them here) and if they are unable to resolve your issues satisfactorily, I'd be happy to talk further with you.

Wix and Canva Classes

$ 50 hr
up to 3 ppl

These one-on-one or small group tutorials introduce you to Canva or to Wix. I aim to provide as much information possible without hitting the wall of information overload. I specialize in working patiently with people who - like myself - did not grow up in the Information Age. Schedule a class today - it will be Fun!!

Sound like this could be a good fit?

Request your Free Consultation here by filling out some basic questions about your business and what you are looking for in this project. 

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