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based in Harrisonburg, Virginia

Getting into Website Design 

Through a two-year Graduate Student Assistantship (MBA, JMU 2022), I got the opportunity to oversee undergrads who were building websites for small businesses. Through this I ended up learning various steps and strategies for making simple websites.

This also nudged a latent interest not only in effective communication but in artful communication, and since then I have completed courses in photography, Adobe Illustrator, and have taught weekly classes on Canva. 

Ruler and laptop on a desk_edited_edited

Small Business Experience

I have helped with various startups and several international art festivals through the years and I love the fresh and creative energy involved.

Helping with my family's Harrisonburg based apartment business through the years has given me firsthand experience in running local businesses.

What you can expect from me...

  • Patience to teach and explain

  • Readiness to jump in and learn

  • Attention to details

  • Desire to see your business Thrive!

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